What is Kludge?

Kludge is a 24 hour electronic design challenge hosted at

PES University Electronic City Campus annually.

Participants will have to pick one of the various listed topics and ideate.

The registration will require the participants to form a team of 2-4 members and submit the idea.

Reach out to us on our forum section to interact with our mentors.

The shortlisted teams will then have to complete the payment procedures in order to confirm their slot.

The teams will have to be present on campus during the course of the event (24 hours) at PES University Electronic City Campus and bring their idea into life.


When &

10,11 April 2020 - 9 AM Onwards

PES University EC Campus

Smart cities

Manufacturing  And Construction Industry

Smart Communication

Agricultural And Rural Development

Health Care Systems

Robotics And Automation

Security,Safety And Surveillance


Can I attend Kludge 7.0?

Any person with a valid Student / College / University ID card belonging to any age group can participate in Kludge 7.0

How many members can a team have?

A team should consist of 2 - 4 members and can have members from different colleges.

Is Participation in Kludge 7.0 free of cost?

Submitting your idea is completely free.
But once a team is shortlisted, it will have to pay INR 500 per head per team to participate in the main event. During the event, we will provide food,snacks and other basic requirements.

What do I have to bring on the day of event?

Each participant must possess a valid College ID card and a No objection certificate signed by parents or Hostel Warden. Bring your laptops, peripherals, chargers, hardware etc. required to implement your hack.

What is the duration of event? Till when do I have to stay?

Each team will get 24 hours to implement their hacks, event will last about 30 hours (including inaugration and closing ceremony).
You can leave once your hack has gone through all rounds of judgement and you have received your participation or any other applicable certificate.
If a team leaves in middle of the event, then it cannot re-join the event under any circumstances.

How my hack will be judged?

On the day of the event, each hack will go through various rounds of judgement by the specialists of your hack category/domain. Based on the judgement marks, teams will be ranked.

I got some other doubts, what to do?

Contact us through our email or via phone on email - pes.kludge@gmail.com Shrishti - 9916500035 Laasya - 9740712414 Raj - 9900525799

Can I submit multiple ideas?

Yes, participating teams have complete flexibility to submit multiple ideas.

I got ideas but don't know how to implement them?

Reach out to us on our forum section to interact with our mentors even before the event starts. Ask your doubts and get your queries answered.

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